Our intentions are to connect you with your soul family and Tanzanian culture. We love seeing the family bonds that are created during our adventures and invite you to join our evergrowing community.

We create environments that foster deep connections to oneself, your body, and the world around you through ancient Afrikan spiritual practises like Afrikan yoga, chanting, drumming and plant ceremonies. These principles make our experiences safe and open to people of all ages and the queer community.

Exploring spirituality and the individual's internal quest to merge with the divine.

Join us to create forever memories of an unforgettable experience whilst we explore Tanzania and ourselves soaking up the energy from the surrounding sacred trees, land and sea allowing us to connect deeper to our spirit teams with the help of our experienced and powerful Afrikan guides that keep the energy harmoniously balanced.

Tanzania, East Afrika

Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro which is considered sacred to many but in particular by the local Chagga people, who have inhabited the region for centuries. They believe that the mountain is the dwelling place of their god, Ngai, and it holds spiritual power and significance. 
It is also said that it is a symbol of strength, resilience, and overcoming challenges.
All these factors add to Tanzanias already beautiful charm.

It is said that East Afrika is home to some of the sweetest, friendly and easy going people making it a wonderful place to feel safe enough to relax your nervous system surrounded by clean thoughts and honest hearts. We have found this to be true ourselves we’re certain you will too!

What to expect

Every retreat we host has been curated with your rest and restoration in mind with an experienced team to assist you in connecting with your fine and beautiful self.

lazy afternoon naps in a hammock whilst listening to the calm waters of the sea a stones throw away followed by a live and intimate gig in the garden

From sunrise guided meditations, daily Afrikan yoga to walks on the local beach and food to nourish your soul.

We start our days with Afrikan yoga, a guided meditation and breakfast followed by the activities planned for the day and evening jam sessions, ceremonies and singing by the fire.

Indian ocean

With the indian ocean just a stones throw away we will be cleansing our energy and it will provide an overall balancing of meridians and charkric centers.

Food & Diet
We will have an alkaline rich diet throughout our trip with a locally cooked swahili meal daily, mainly vegan with some fish for those that don’t follow a vegan diet.

Getting to location
The closest airport to our destination is Dar es Salaam, its about a 2 hours drive from there to Kigamboni which is where our retreat is hosted.

Book a free 15 minute discovery call by clicking the phone icon to find out more and to book your space for our next adventure.

Future Events

Location: Zanzibar

Dates: April 7th-14th
info package here

Luxury shared rooms M / F
deluxe single bed - £2800pp
deluxe double bed - £3200 / £5000
 (for 2 sharing a bed)

Luxury Lone Rooms
deluxe King room - £3800 / £6000
family room prices available on request.

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